Submission Guidelines

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES – Please Read Before Submitting Your Site

Submitted sites are reviewed before being listed in the directory. Please take a moment to read the submission guidelines and notes before submitting your site.

The following sites will NOT be added to the directory:
1) Those with little quality content.
2) Sites made with main purpose to show advertisements.
3) Sites under construction.
4) Sites with illegal or warez content.
5) Sites not written in English.
6) Sites containing adult content.

Additional Guidelines:

1) Site details (description & title etc) must be written in english.
2) Site details (description & title etc) cannot be written in CAPITALS.
3) Site details (description & title etc) cannot be stuffed with keywords.
4) Site details (description & title etc) cannot contain excessive punctuation (! * $ @ etc).

***If a site is rejected for not meeting any of these guidelines, a 10% refund will be processed for any purchased package.***