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  • The Universal Life Church Seminary

    The Universal Life Church Seminary


    Become an ordained minister from this Universal Life Church (ULC) Seminary site, you can be ordained for free, using this site as a conduit, in just minutes through the Universal Life Church. This lifetime service is free and legal.
  • Wisdomology: People Share Wisdom

    Wisdomology: People Share Wisdom


    Wisdomology: People Share Wisdom - Online wisdom sharing community with powerful personalized ways to pass along your insights, discuss what matters to you, and learn from the wisdom of others.
  • World Paradigm Shift

    World Paradigm Shift


    World Paradigm Shift - This website is a sacred space where compassionate souls gather to journal, discuss, support, teach, and learn for our own spiritual growth, our expanding awareness and for the growth of others.
  • Sacred Fire Community

    Sacred Fire Community


    Sacred Fire Community - Site dedicated to an international community that is built on Huichol and Nahautl spirituality. Offers ways to connect to a local Sacred Fire Community, as well as how the communities are related on a larger level.